Artist: Dirt Band Nitty Gritty | Song: I Love Only You

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Dirt Band Nitty Gritty, I Love Only You Tabs

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Country Tabs > Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Tabs > I Love Only You

Artist/Band: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Tabs
Song: I Love Only You Tab

I like to drink my beer 
Spend time with the boys 
After work, to down a few 
Is something I enjoy 
Sometimes I stay out too late 
      A         C#m 
Yes I know it's true 
    A    F#   A    B7   E 
But I___ love on___ly__ you 
I like to take life easy 
Work out in the yard 
Sleep late on weekends 
After an all-night game of cards 
And drivin' my old Chevy 
On a Sunday afternoon 
But I love only you 

& I like my old guitar 
& I'd like to be a star & shine on you 
& I'd like to write a song 
                                  F#   B7 
The whole world could sing along about you 
(repeat bridge) 
I like my old memories 
Of the girls I used to know 
Some of them still have a place 
Where my mind likes to go 
Of all the ones I've cared for 
Lord knows there've been a few 
Now I love only you

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