Artist: Joe Nichols | Song: To Tell You The Truth I Lied

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Joe Nichols, To Tell You The Truth I Lied Tabs

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Country Tabs > Nichols Joe Tabs > To Tell You The Truth I Lied

Artist/Band: Nichols Joe Tabs
Song: To Tell You The Truth I Lied Tab

She caught me at home without the lights on 
Ten minutes more and I'd of been gone 
Out somewhere painting the town 
Since your here face to face 
You've got a few things you want to set straight 
   D                                              E 
On all of the rumors you say I've been spreading around 
       D                  E                    A 
Yeah I said I'm glad it's over to tell you the truth 
       D                      E              A 
If you haven't found somebody new I hope you do 
         D                  E            A          A/G#   F#m   
I said I didn't miss you at all, I never waited for you to call 
    D                    E                     A 
And I never cried but to tell you the truth, I lied 
Well I can't deny but baby I tried 
To put you down just to cover my pride 
After all I've said I guess we're done 
If I had it to do all over again 
Before I'd break I'd be will to bend 
One second chance girl, you'd be second to none 

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