Artist: Joe Nichols | Song: That's What Love'll Get You

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Joe Nichols, That's What Love'll Get You Tabs

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Country Tabs > Nichols Joe Tabs > That's What Love'll Get You

Artist/Band: Nichols Joe Tabs
Song: That's What Love'll Get You Tab


That (D) first little kiss from your (A) school sweetheart
(G) Parked in the dark in your (D) parents car
Take her by the hand, (A) gaze in her eyes
(G) Feel the first flutter of them butterfl(D)ies

  (G) That's what love'll (D) get ya
  Don't let (A) anybody tell you (D) different
  I've been (G) in and out en(D)ough to vouch
  That's what (A) love'll (D) get ya

You're im(D)pressin' her Daddy, kissing (A) up to her Mom
(G) Saving up money for the (D) Senior Prom
Runnin' wide open when she (A) slams on the brakes
(G) Next thing you know you got your first heart(D)ache


It'll (Bm) get ya thinkin', ain't love (A) sweet?
When (G) she's finally willin' and you (D) just can't wait
It'll (Bm) get ya in might (A) deep
That (G) first time you ever go (NC) all the way


It'll (D) get ya house payments on a (A) thirty year plan
(G) Get behind the wheel of your (D) first mini van
A (D) wife and two kids, a (A) boy and a girl
(G) Hot feet walkin' around Disney (NC) World


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