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Joe Nichols, My Whiskey Years Tabs

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Artist/Band: Nichols Joe Tabs
Song: My Whiskey Years Tab

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  | (C)  | (C)  |

(C)One of these days, I'm gonna (F#dim)wake up,
with (F)somethin' to lose and I'll get (G)over you
I'll (C)walk outside, I'll look (F#dim)at the sky
(F)For the first time through (C)clear, blue eyes
My (F)head won't hurt, my (F#dim)heart won't ache
I'll for-(G)give myself for (Em)my mistakes (Ebm)
And I'll (Dm)be good as new, if I (G)can just get through
my (C)whiskey years

(C)One of these nights, when I'm (F#dim)feeling brave
You'll come (F)back around and I'm gonna (C)put you down
I might (C)start to shake, but I'll (F#dim)find the strength
To (F)stand up straight and I'll (C)walk away
And I (F)won't look back, (F#dim)you won't see
If I (C)fall apart (Dm) when you (Em)follow me(Ebm)
(Dm)I'll be good as new if (G)I can just get through
my (C)whiskey years

My (F)whiskey years my (F#dim)wilder days
The (Em)crazy times (Ebm) when I was (A)stoned out of my mind
When (F)I could sit and (F#dim)sip away (C)all the (Bm)hurt and (Am)pain
(Dm)Whom am I trying to fool? I'm (G)still goin' through
my (C)whiskey years

| (F#dim)  | (F)  | (C)  | (C)  | (F#dim)  | (F)  | (G)  |

My (F)whiskey years, my (F#dim)wilder days
The (Em)crazy times (Ebm) when I was (A)stoned out of my mind
When (F)I could sit and (F#dim)sip away (C)all the (Bm)hurt and (Am) pain
(Dm)Whom am I trying to fool? (G)I'm still goin' through
my (C)whiskey years, (Ab)  my (C) whiskey years (Db7) (Fm7)  (C)

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