Artist: Joe Nichols | Song: In Spite Of Myself

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Joe Nichols, In Spite Of Myself Tabs

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Artist/Band: Nichols Joe Tabs
Song: In Spite Of Myself Tab

Capo 2

G                                 Cadd9
I know that there's nights I stay out too late
    G                 Cadd9
And times I forget to call
     G                         Cadd9
It's true I might argue at the drop of a hat
   G                      D
Or make a big deal out of nothing at all
    Em                         C
I'm not much for rules but I'm faithful and true
        Em           C          G
And she knows on the inside I'm good.
     Em                   C                    Am           D 
What she sees in me ain't half as important as what she overlooks

      G                     Cadd9 
And I wouldn't blame her if she said goodbye
        G                 Cadd9     D 
But she ain't like nobody else
      G                    Cadd9
And I must be the luckiest man alive
           Em    Am  C     D          G
'Cause she loves me     in spite of myself

I know she must wonder if she made the right choice
And sometimes I wonder too
It must be hard watching a man like me
Trying to make all of her dreams come true
I promised the moon and the stars in the sky
On the night that she promised her love
And I haven't come through, though I'm trying to
She says that's more than enough


In spite of myself

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