Artist: Joe Nichols | Song: Brokenheartsville

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Joe Nichols, Brokenheartsville Tabs

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Country Tabs > Nichols Joe Tabs > Brokenheartsville

Artist/Band: Nichols Joe Tabs
Song: Brokenheartsville Tab

Intro: G  B7  Em  C  G  D  D(one strum)

G                   D                   Em
He wore that cowboy hat to cover up his horns
G                    D                       Em
Sweet talking forked tongue, had a tempting charm
C                 D                   Em
Before I turned around that girl was gone
C                    D                        G
All I can say is bartender pour me something strong

D                            Em
Here's to the past, they can kiss my glass
   C                    G
I hope she's happy with him
D                       Em
Here's to the girl who wrecked my world
     C                 D
That angel that did me in
G                           B7
I think the devil drives a Coup de Ville
Em                       C
I watched him drive away over the hill
       G                           D
Not against her will and I've got time to kill
C        D      G
Down in Brokenheartsville

G  B7  Em  C  G  D  D(one strum)

G                D                    Em
It was long and chrome sittin' in the lot
G            D                  Em
Fire engine red, that thing was hot
C           D                 Em
He reved it up, she waved goodbye
C               D               G            
Love's gone to hell and so have I

CHORUS (twice)

Outro: G  B7  Em  C  G

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