Artist: Nat King Cole | Song: Perfidia

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Nat King Cole, Perfidia Tabs

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Artist/Band: Nat King Cole Tabs
Song: Perfidia Tab

G7   C  Am  Dm7
To you 

   G7                  C       Am Dm7
My heart cries out "Perfidia,"

    G7               C           Am
For I found you, the love of my life,

   Dm7      G7      E7
In somebody else's arms.

G7    C  Am  Dm7
Your eyes 

    G7           C       Am Dm7
Are echoing "Perfidia,"

    G7            C          Am
Forgetful of our promise of love,

        Dm7      G7         E7
You're sharing another's charms.


Dm            Dm7
With a sad lament, my dreams 

     F            Dm7        E7
Have faded like a broken melody;

           Dm                F
While the gods of love look down and laugh

    D             Dm7     Bb9     E7
At what romantic fools we mortals be.

G7   C  Am  Dm7
And now 

   G7               C       Am Dm7
I know my love was not for you

    G7               C           Am
And so I'll take it back with a sigh,

   Dm7     G7         C   Fdim   C
Perfidious one, good-bye.

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