Artist: David Lee Murphy | Song: High Weeds & Rust

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David Lee Murphy, High Weeds & Rust Tabs

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Country Tabs > Murphy David Lee Tabs > High Weeds & Rust

Artist/Band: Murphy David Lee Tabs
Song: High Weeds & Rust Tab

          D                      G      D
There's a shutter hangin' from a window pane
    D                            A           D 
The paint's 'a crackin' from the sun and the rain
       D                      G    D 
I just quit carin' 'cause I'm all alone
   D                  A      D    
My woman left me in a broken home with

               D   G             D      G 
High weeds and rust up around my truck
              D                   A 
With a broken heart in an inch of dust
                  D  G              D    G  
Well I've seen it all, boom turn to bust
                D    A                  D  
And I'm bout to drown in high weeds and rust

Well there's a tractor sittin' in an empty field
I swore I wouldn't do nothin' 'til my heart had healed
My friends say son get her off your mind
But when the bank comes lookin' for me all they'll find is


Well black birds sittin' on the telephone line
Watchin' me layin' around wastin' time
Never thought I could sink so low
I can't believe I just let it go to


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