Artist: Cory Morrow | Song: The Preacher

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Cory Morrow, The Preacher Tabs

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Country Tabs > Morrow Cory Tabs > The Preacher

Artist/Band: Morrow Cory Tabs
Song: The Preacher Tab

Date: 03/30/01
Song - The Preacher
Album - Cory Morrow Live - Double Exposure
Artist - Cory Morrow
Transcribed by - Matt Evans

Capo on 2nd Fret

Intro:    Em          C   D    (2X)

       E--0----0-------------        (Feel your way through this part)

             The cold wind blew the preacher grieved
             He said they're comin' after me
               D                               Em
             I ain't exactly what I seem to be

             He pulled his pistol from his side
             Pointed it at me and cried
                 D                                Em
             And then he laid a bullet deep in my chest

             He stood still revealin' the story
             That I knew was true before
                 D                       Em
             And now because of it I lay dying

             He claimed to run with Jesse James,
             William Bonnie, and they all the same
              D                                    Em
             I ain't no preacher man I was born of fire

Pre Chorus:  A                             G*     Em   F#*
             Hey can't you hear that train coming now
             A                                    G*    Em
             Rollin' fast down the tracks to hell their bound

Chorus:      C        D         G  F#* Em
             Well I'm in over my head again
             C            D              Em
             I hear those pistols layin' down
                 C      D          G       F#*   Em
             And I have takin' the lives of many men
             C       D              Em
             Now the angel's comin' down
                        C          D             Em
             I said the Angel of Death is coming down

             Well up in the horizon
             Laid the red sun beatin' cold and dying
                 D                                         Em
             And taking with it all the lives the preacher stole

             Well you see the preacher is not real
             He clench his fists of rage and steal
                 D                               Em
             And spit the fires of Satan at your soul

             He beat the path to Heaven's door
             The angels said they'd take no more
             D                                Em
             Now he walks the Earth forever lone

             And on the stone that marked his death
             When he did finally lay to rest
             D                               Em
             Were the lonely words "I'm going home"

    Em  C  D  A  G       G* in Pre-Chorus
                         (Actual G note on 3rd fret of E string)
E   0   X  X  X  3
A   2   3  X  0  2       F#* in Pre-Chorus and Chorus
D   2   2  0  2  0       (Actual F# note on 2nd fret of E string)
G   0   0  2  2  0
B   0   1  3  2  0
e   0   0  2  0  3

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