Artist: Cory Morrow | Song: Stayin Out Late

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Cory Morrow, Stayin Out Late Tabs

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Artist/Band: Morrow Cory Tabs
Song: Stayin Out Late Tab

Song   - "Stayin' Out Late"
Album  - The Man That I've Been
Artist - Cory Morrow
Transcribed by - Matt Evans 

Chorus: A                     E          A
        Stayin' out late in a honky tonk bar
                    D           E
        Findin' new ways to be untrue
        A           D   E                 A
        Drinkin' my way through this month's rent
                        E          A
        Seems to be the best I can do

Verse:  A                        D
        Drunk and enraged and I'm showin' my age
          E                           A
        I dreamt away my money and my mind
        No woman to call wife, I got no home to spend my life
            E                            A
        And no desire for either at this time

        I'm showin' no signs of growing up at any time
        E                           A
        I keep a firm grasp upon my youth
        And the subtlety of love is something I know nothing of
        E                                A
        And I have got no concept of the truth


Solo:   A  D  E   A

Bridge: E                 A
        It's all a matter of where you're going
        B                                 E
        I don't know where I'm going from here

Solo:   A  D  E   A

Verse:  A                         D
        Desperate ways seem to control my every day
                 E                        A
        And it's hard to understand why I run
        But this poet's dance is my last chance
               E                                 A
        To lay down my pen and show you how it's done


Tag:    A                       E          D   A D A D A
        Yeah it seems to be the best I can do

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