Artist: Cory Morrow | Song: Just Along For The Ride

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Cory Morrow, Just Along For The Ride Tabs

Cory Morrow Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Morrow Cory Tabs
Song: Just Along For The Ride Tab

 	Am	F	G

e ----0--0-0--0-0--0-0---1----3---------------------------
B ----1--3p1--0h1--3p1---1----3---------------------------
G ----2--2-2--2-2--2-2---2----0---------------------------
D ----2--2-2--2-2--2-2---3----0---------------------------
A ----0--0-0--0-0--0-0--------2---------------------------
E ----------------------------3---------------------------

Its just Am F G with some hammer-ons, pull-offs from the pinky. Sounds
good to finger pick it instead of playing the chords.

e -0-0-0-0--1--3---
B -1-1-0-1--1--3---
G -2-2-2-2--2--0---
D -2-2-2-2--3--0---
A -0-0-0-0-----2---
E -------------3---

JustAm with a pull off and F and G
 	C	F	G	C
And 	I was j	ust along for the ri	de	 
 	C	F	G
wh	ere the tr	ain was bound I don'	t know
 	C	C(B	Am
but	 I'll r	ide	 
 	F	G	C	C(B	Am
I just wanted to g	o far	ther then I've b	een	 	 
 	F	G
And now I'm al	ong f	or the ride again
The bridge is played in between each verse and before and after the Chorus

He took the picture from the wall
He handed to me and he swore
Son I done nothing wrong
I was framed all along
Now they lied right from the start
When they stole my lonely heart
In the picture that you hold
lies the hidden truth untold
And I was just along for the ride
where the train was bound I don't know
but I'll ride
I just wanted to go farther then I've been
And now I'm along for the ride again
It was a long cold rainy day
They kept their smiles at bay
To them it was just a game
to play with my life this way
When the first man drew his gun
Silence befell everyone
Oh but a girl she ran for the door
And he gunned her down to the floor
So we grabbed the loot and we rode
For a posse would soon be formed
Oh but the girl she lay so cold
As pale as the untouched snow
Now we'd ride though rain and snow
Not knowing which way to go
This will be my last ride
Ill take my leave tonight
And the day before we were found
In a picture we all gathered around
Four men in the light
I was the only one that was blind
But know I sit in this cell
I'm awaiting my day in hell
So boy you listen good
There ain't no refuge in the hood
There's nobody to blame
I'm a fool in my own acclaim
I thought I'd been so wise
But these men proved my demise
And the train goes down the line
For a different town each night
In search of a boy like me
In search of the youth in me

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