Artist: Cory Morrow | Song: A Better Man

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Cory Morrow, A Better Man Tabs

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Artist/Band: Morrow Cory Tabs
Song: A Better Man Tab

Song   - A Better Man
Album  - Cory Morrow Live - Double Exposure
Artist - Cory Morrow
Transcribed by - Matt Evans

Capo on 1st fret

Intro:        G  C  *  D  G

Verse 1:      D                      G
              She'd been waiting for hours
              D                   G
              I made her wait for days
              C           *         D
              She said she'd wait a lifetime
                        C            D         G
              And with that said I went my own way

Instrumental: C  *  D  C  D  G

Verse 2:      D                     G
              I chose a path to be awakened
                  D                   G
              Hoping a better man was within
              C   *           D
              I found someone out there
                  C               D       G
              Someone bigger than who I had been

Instrumental: C  *  D  C  D  G

Verse 3:      D                  G
              I would ask her to have me
                          D                    G
              But I'd been gone too long I was sure
              C          *             D
              Something deep down inside me
                       C             D            G
              Knew our love would be stronger than words

Instrumental: C  *  G

Chorus:       C                  G
              You can be sure of one thing
                Em                     C
              I wasted no time on my own
              G                  D
              Let your fears subside babe
                          C       D             G
              'Cause I'm a better man for you to love

Instrumental: C  *  D  C  D  G

Verse 4:      D                 G
              Now I will do the waiting
                  D                   G
              All night long I don't sleep
              C      *        D
              I lay awake for hours
                          C   D        G
              Waiting for her so I can breathe

Instrumental: C  *  G


End                C       D             G
              I'm a better man for you to love

          1  2  3  4  5  6
     G    3  3  0  0  2  3
     C    3  3  0  2  3  x
     *    3  3  0  0  2  x (Walkdown 5th string one fret to 2nd fret         
                     w/first finger)
     D    2  3  2  0  x  x (During intro and instrumental hammer-on          
                      and-off on 3rd fret on 1st string (e) with             
                 fourth finger)
     Em   0  0  0  2  2  0

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