Artist: Craig Morgan | Song: You Never Know

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Craig Morgan, You Never Know Tabs

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Artist/Band: Morgan Craig Tabs
Song: You Never Know Tab

Sounds better if chords are played as bar chords.
except the fills, play them in standard D.

This fill is played throughout the song.


D                        Bb                   
wally walker spends his last twenty dollars

     C                     D
on lottery tickets at the corner store

               Bb                A
he came in without any milk and bread

      D                    Bb
well his wife heather was madder than ever
said I can't beleive you did that

you know we're poor

and them tickets just dig us 

just a little deeper in the hole

NC                D
he said you never know


D                  Bb
ol' sawmill kenny kissed his jenny

           C                      D
said i'll see you tonight around supper time

                          Bb               A
he pulled that old dodge truck out on the road

         D                       Bb
well he went around a curve and kenny had to swurve

    C                           D
to miss a little girl riding a bike

he gave his life to save her 

as his maker said its time to go 

           C           C/B
you never know whats around the bend

could be a new beginning 

or it could be the end

         G                                 A
you can dream, plan, scheme,wish,pray and hope

NC           D
but you never know


            D                          Bb
well that pentacostal preacher was a parttime teacher

         C                     D
at the Mississippi missionary bible school

                            Bb                   A
he thought he couldn't be tempted til she came along

      D                        Bb
oh, silver tounge sarah was a holy terror

     C                            D
she took him somewhere he didnt wanna go

     G                                              A
She said he was a sinner and later that winter it showed

no you never know


that preacher didnt know

and kenny didn't know when he left that house 

he wouldnt be home that night

oh yeah, and wally walker, he didnt know

he was going to win sixty million dollars that saturday

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