Artist: Craig Morgan | Song: Walking In My Fathers Shoes

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Craig Morgan, Walking In My Fathers Shoes Tabs

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Country Tabs > Morgan Craig Tabs > Walking In My Fathers Shoes

Artist/Band: Morgan Craig Tabs
Song: Walking In My Fathers Shoes Tab


D              G          A               
He made it to every ball game 
 D              G            A
unless he just had to go to work
D                 G                       A
He always said a man's always juggle his time and his money
     G                     A
and he's got to know what each one is worth
D             G        A     D             G           A
He taught me so many things even when he wasn't trying to
D                G         A              G
when I'm in a situation I cant figure out I just ask 
myself what would he do?


     G             D/F#      D         G            D/F#
I'm walking in my father's shoes He's never let me down 
           D               A     G        A      D        
and thats alot to live up to stumblin' fallin' trying to 
 D/F#   G        A                     D
stand tall and walking in my father's shoes


      C                      G
I'm balancin' my checkbook balancin' my life
D                        A
chasin' down the dollar tryin' to buy some time
   C                         Bm
I jump out in the fastlane sometimes i risk it all
Bb                              A
runnin' myself right down to a crawl
D         G              A      D       G          A
and I get up on sunday mornin' and get down on my knees I
 D                    G            A        G
always feel that hes right there listenin' givin' me 
direction and givin' me strength


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