Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: What I Do Best

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John Michael Montgomery, What I Do Best Tabs

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Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: What I Do Best Tab

Song: What I Do Best
Sung By: John M. Montgomery
CD: What I Do Best
Written By: Monty Holmes/Michael Huffman/Donny Kees
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

(I play this song with CAPO at 1st Fret)

Verse 1.
D           G               G7
I knew Iād found my lifeās callinā
When you spoke my name
From that moment on, the reason I was born
       D7  G            D
Became so very plain
        G                         G7
Now my heart and soulās, one and only goal
Is to bring you happiness
        G       D     D7      G
Lovinā you, is what I do the best

Verse 2.
 D        G                  G7
Some may live to change the world
And thatās alright with me
My hatās off to those chosen few
      D7      G
Who rewrite history

But just to make you smile
         G7        C
That is how Iāll measure my success
               G      D     D7      G
ĪCause lovinā you is what I do the best

    G7   C
Itās a lucky man who understands
Where his true talents lie
          A           A7            D        D7
And the first time I held you, I realized
That thereās one thing I do better
 G7   C
Than all the rest
        G      D     D7      G     C
Lovinā you is what I do the best
        G      D     D7      G
Lovinā you is what I do the best

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