Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: Till Nothing Between Us

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John Michael Montgomery, Till Nothing Between Us Tabs

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Country Tabs > Montgomery John Michael Tabs > Till Nothing Between Us

Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Till Nothing Between Us Tab

Till Nothing Comes Between Us - John Michael Montgomery

Notes: At first glance these chords look really hard but they're actually 
not that bad, just variations, on the Asus/F# and Dsus2/F use your thumb to 
hold down the bottom string. (see diagrams at bottom) This sounds great on 
acoustic picking the verses and interludes and strumming the chorus.

***Capo 1 for recorded key***

Intro: Asus  Asus/F#  Dsus2  Dsus2/F

Asus                     Asus/F#
Close your eyes, can you see me
Rolling down the rocky mountains
       Dsus2/F		                      Asus
Moving like the wind that sweeps the Kansas plains
I know you're with me
As I make my way through Oklahoma
Dsus2/F   		      F#m
Past the barns and weather vanes
There are motels, cafes, fields, and billboard signs
A thousand miles of highway
   F                       E
Between your heart and m--ine

A                  Asus
There will finally come a moment
When one man and one woman
     D  	    Dsus2         	  F  G
Get everything that they've been waiting for
     A              Asus
I'll take you in my arms again
Feel your skin against my skin
D                               C#m C#m7
Let the sheet fall slowly to the floor
       D           E              A
Till nothing comes between us anymore

Interlude: Asus  Asus/F#  Dsus2  Dsus2/F

      Asus        Asus/F#
In my soul, I can feel you
As I cross the Mississippi
         Dsus2/F		      Asus
You're the river flowing in me coming home
I count each heartbeat
Til the moment we're together
And the distance can be measured
       Dsus2                            F    G
That's all that keeps me going when I'm g---one


Instrumental: Asus  Asus/F#  Dsus2  Dsus2/F  (twice)


Asus   = x02200
Asus/F#= 2x2200
Dsus2  = xx0230
Dsus2/F= 1x0230
F#m  =   244222(bar chord)
Bm   =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
F    =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
E    =   022100
G    =   320003
C#m  =   x46654(bar chord) or xx6654
C#m7 =   x46454(bar chord) or xx6454

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