Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: No Mans Land

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John Michael Montgomery, No Mans Land Tabs

John Michael Montgomery Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Montgomery John Michael Tabs > No Mans Land

Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: No Mans Land Tab

This guy is the best!!!
If anyone has any more of John Michaels songs transcribed, then send
them in. Any one of his songs. I am currently doing Be my baby
tonight,Line on Love[my favorite song],Freinds, Ain't got nothin' on
usand Beer and bones .
If anyone has any others or even any of these, post them to cowpie!!!

Lyrics and Transcription by Dan Trepanier

No Man's Land
John Michael Montgomery    John Michael


That house on the hill is long gone			[G C G C]
Now she's living in a trailer with an Astroturf lawn	[Em C D]
Got three little kids and no one to help			[G C G C]
Trying to be Momma and Daddy all by herself	[Em C D]

It's hard to hold down the fort when you're holdin' down a job[Em C]
She'd rob Peter to pay Paul but he's already been robbed  [G D]
She gets the food on the table and the clothes off the lines[Em C]
She`d break down and cry but she doesn't have time	[G D]


She got to be strong, life goes on			[G C]
Though it's nothin' like she had planned		[Em D]
She's gonna be o.k. gonna find a way			[G C]
Living in no man's land					[Em D]

BREAK:               [G C G C G C D]
Every now and then late at night				[G C G C]
She thinks of how it would feel to hold someone tight[Em C D]
And there's a guy down at work who keeps callin' her up[G C G C]
But she ain't ready for none of that stuff		[Em C D]

She's still sifting through the ashes of a love that's been and gone[Em
Looking for a clue, trying to find our what went wrong	[G D]
It ain't always easy but she knows she's gotta try		[Em C]
Every time she looks into her babies' eyes			[G D]


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