Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: Line On Love

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John Michael Montgomery, Line On Love Tabs

John Michael Montgomery Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Montgomery John Michael Tabs > Line On Love

Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Line On Love Tab

This is my all time favourite song and I hope that he sings it at the
concert in Toronto. I've seen him twice and he didn't sing this song
both times. But anyway's send any JMM stuff that isn't on here my way or
if you need help with a song email me.

Trancribed by Dan Trepanier

Line on Love    
John Michael Montgomery   Lifes A Dance

	G C G D G C G

Pack an old cane pole					[G]
Across the shoulder through the woods		[C D]
To the fishin hole						[G]
I tried to keep up the best I could 			[D]
He answered with love					[G]
All the questions of this little man  			[C-D-G]
Daddy taught me about life				[C] 
In words I could understand				[Em-C-D]

You gotta roll up your sleeves			[G]
Put your back into your work son 			[C D]
Always believe in the good Lord's way  		[C G D]
You gotta hold your mouth right			[C]
When youre going for th big one			[G-Bm-C]
Once you get a line on love don't let it get away[G C-G D G C-G]

Drivin my old car 					[G]
That he worked on after school			[C D]
He's a football star 					[G]
And his daddy's a proud old fool			[D]
It's a brand new world 					[G]
Full of girls and teenage dreams			[C-D-G]
And when he asked for my advice 			[C]
The answer still the same 				[Em-C-D]

Once you get a line on love don't let it get away[G C-G D G C-G]

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