Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: I Never Stopped Loving You

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John Michael Montgomery, I Never Stopped Loving You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: I Never Stopped Loving You Tab

Title:I Never Stopped Loving You
Artist:John Micheal Montgomery
Album:Leave A Mark

This is my first song so feel free to e-mail me any corrections.  (Chris Joyce)

G                                                                 C9
i guess everbody goes to the grocery store even me

            D                                                            G    
There's no tellin who in the world there your gonna see

Lost in space at the cash only isle number three
     D                                      G
I came face to face with an old memory

 G                                                      C9
Caught by suprise i felt i was gasping for air

  D                                                                  G
Paper or plastic can't you see man i dont really care

She hadn't noticed me and i thought i would leave it that way

Then her eye's met mine and from that point there was no escape

I said it's wonderful to see you

This is sure a nice suprise  

Your little girl is lovely

       Am                         D
No doubt she's got your eye's

          C                           Em
Yeah it looks like it might rain today

But i guess were overdue

           Am           D                      G
Oh and by the way i never stopped loving you

I remember where you got that sweatshirt your wearing do you

    D                                          G
I won it at the county fair back in '92

  G                                                                  C9
Yeah im still playing soft ball with the same old bunch

     D                                                       G
In alot of ways things havent canged very much

Repeat chorus:

           Am            D                     G
Oh and by the way i never stopped loving you

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