Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: High School Heart

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John Michael Montgomery, High School Heart Tabs

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Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: High School Heart Tab

                        'High School Heart'
                      John Michael Montgomery
                      John Michael Montgomery
                            transcribed by
                        Sampath Samarasinghe
E F#m B E B

That old drive in is a parking lot,
They made a shopping mall out of our make out spot,
B                                              E            B
The oldies station plays all of those songs we used to sing.
And even thought that old high school's gone,
It started something that's still going strong
I swear sometime I can hear that old bell ring.

Chorus start
'coz you still slide in close to me,
Just like you did in my old Grand Prix,
    F#m                                 B              E
You still get a little bit jealous if I speak to Jenny Barnes.
And your good smile still drives me mad,
     E                   C#m
With all that's changed, I'm so glad,
       A                         B                    E
You're still loving me with that same old high school heart.
Chorus end

F#m B

I take off running, t' Mrs. Walker's class,
Lipstick on my cheek, and a note in my hand,
    B                                                   E
I'm still running late coz I still can't pull away from your 
loving arms.
Everytime we touch, you make it feel brand new,
I guess that's why I'm still falling for you,
       B                                              E
You're still loving me with that same old high school heart

       F#m                       B                    E  
You're still loving me with that same old high school heart.

F#m B E B E
Please feel free to send any requests (or mistakes) to:- 
Sampath Samarasinghe 

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