Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: Friends

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John Michael Montgomery, Friends Tabs

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Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Friends Tab

FRIENDS - John Michael Montgomery

INTRO: A        E  A

You say you want to be friends
E                                   A
That's a newly sharpened blade
That's a dagger to the heart
E                            A
Of the promises we made
There's a chapter full of pain
A season full of rain
   G#dim7              D                  E     E7
A dark and stormy night spent all alone

      A               D                      A
Ch: Friends get scattered by the wind
      A                     E        G#dim7             F#m   D E
      Tossed into the waves, lost for years on end
      A          D              A
      Friends slowly drift apart
      A                            E        G#dim7              F#m
      They give away their hearts, maybe call you now and then
      D                    E         A
      But you wanna be just friends

(A)          E  A 

You say you love me very much
E                                    A
And you'll always hold me dear
Those are the sweetest words
E                  A
I never wanna hear
What's a love without desire
A flame without a fire
Can't warm me late at night
D                       E     E7  
When I need you most


SOLO: A D A A E G#dim7 F#m D E

A          D              A
Friends slowly drift apart
                              E         G#dim7                         F#m
They give away their hearts, maybe call you now and then
Darling can' t you see

This is killing me
                         E      A
We can never be just friends.

A         E  A

				- Roberto Barbieri (

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