Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: Cool

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John Michael Montgomery, Cool Tabs

John Michael Montgomery Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Montgomery John Michael Tabs > Cool

Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Cool Tab

D     G G    A

 D                Dsus          Gadd9
He really liked flannel with bib overalls
 D                                  A           A7
If you looked in his closet it was all that you saw
 D                Dsus          Gadd9
He'd dress up on Sunday and thought he looked neat
 Bm                    A         D/F#         G
In a green leisure suit with wingtips on his feet

D             Dsus         Gadd9
I hated the music he played in the car
 D                                 A           A7
It was hard to believe he called those people stars
  D                      Dsus      Gadd9
They sang through their noses like they all had colds
  Bm                       A       D/F#            G
I guess it's hard to be cool when your forty years old


 Bm                     G
I was fifteen and real hip with long hair
  D                     A       D/F#
I'd ask my mama why's is daddy so square
  Bm                        G
I could't believe all that he didn't know
 Bm                         A         D/F#           G
I guess it's hard to be cool when your forty years old

D                   Dsus                   Gadd9
The night I turned twenty she came with the news
D                                A           A7
Scared half to death and didn't know what to do
 D               Dsus       Gadd9
I told her I'm sorry, but it's not too late
 Bm                       A        D/F#       G
There's a doctor I've heard of that fixes mistakes

 D                 Dsus            Gadd9
I thought he was working and I was alone
 D                                    A           A7 
But he was standing behind me when I hung up the phone
 D                 Dsus                  Gadd9
He said Son there's a few things you don't know about
 Bm                     A        D/F#         G 
If you listen real close we can figure this out


 Bm                           G        
Cause I was eighteen and as wild as they came
 D                              A            D/F#
When one night a young girl told me the same thing
 Bm                         G
You would't be here if she hadn't said no
             Bm              A           D/F#        G  
You see, It's hard to be cool when your twenty years old

 D                  Dsus      Gadd9
These days I like flannel and old Levi jeans
 D                             A           A7
And I look at my young boy who just turned fifteen
 D                 D/F#        Gadd9
I know what he's thinking but it's ok you know
          Bm                 A                        G
You see, It's hard to be cool when your fifteen years old

G   A  D

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