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John Michael Montgomery, Bus To Birmingham Tabs

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Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Bus To Birmingham Tab

C.D. Brand New Me 
Sung by: John Michael Montgomery 
Written By: Jess Brown-Tony Lane 
Transcribed by: MUTTCRT@AOL,COM 
Capo on 1st fret.  
I think this is pretty close, if not, any contributions are appreciated.  
She didn't see me see her cryin 
As she sat there by the window 
   A                                        E      Bb 
On a southbound greyhound leavin' town, 
The hardest thing I've ever done, 
Was to walk away and let that woman go 
                  A                                        Bb 
Cause she came close to turnin' me around, 
Now I know she missed her Mama, 
Cause thats the kind of life she comes from, 
   A                                      E        Bb 
Ain't no kind of life I'm ever gonna have, 
She said she'd call me from the station, 
But I'll be gone before she get there, 
       A                                                 Bb 
And I'll  see her every time I'm lookin' back, 
                         A                              E          A  Bb       
            Chorus: Heaven knows I ain't no angel, And I don't always do the  
right thing, 
                                       A                F#                 A   
Bb               A                       F# 
                         And right now I know that she don't understand but  
I'll sleep better knowin, 
                               A                          F#                  
A        Bb         E 
                          The only thing I ever loved is on that bus to  
Tonight I'll slip back in the shadows, 
And I'll sip a glass of whiskey 
And I'll try to keep from whisperin' her name, 
Buth there's some highways I ain't driven 
And there's some towns that I ain't lived in, 
And there's some times that I can't get out of the rain 
And Lord I can't bare to break  
Another promise that I made her 
So I made out like I wanted her to go 
And I'm better off believin' 
Thats she's better off without me, 
'Cause I don't want her to see me do her wrong 
     Repeat Chorus 
             A                    E                  Bb               E 
Ending: Heaven knows I don't always do the right thing 
                A                 E                     A         Bb 
            And right now I know she don't understand  
                  A                             E 
             But I'll sleep better knowin 
              The only thing I ever loved, 
                              A   Bb    A   Bb         E 
               Is on that bus to Birmingham 
Well, I hope this will help a little, but if I got some chords wrong, I  
apologize. But, if I messed up, rewrites are welcome

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