Artist: John Michael Montgomery | Song: Angel In My Eyes

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John Michael Montgomery, Angel In My Eyes Tabs

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Country Tabs > Montgomery John Michael Tabs > Angel In My Eyes

Artist/Band: Montgomery John Michael Tabs
Song: Angel In My Eyes Tab

subject: Angel in my eyes
by: John Michael Montgomery

[C] Sometimes I watch her there a sleep,

[F] And thank my lucky stars [C],

For every second she's here with me, 

I wanna [F] hold her in my arms [G/B],

Cause she is my [Am] day she is my night [Em],


But sometimes [C] we laugh and sometimes we cry [G],

Sometimes [F] we fight and we don't know why [G],

But no [C] matter what she be [G] lieves in me, 

She's the clos [F] est thing to heaven I'll ever see [G],

She'll al [Am] ways be, [F/G] an angel in my eyes [C] [F] [C]

[C] Sometimes I feel her by my side, 

like she's been [F] watchin' over me [C],

I get a chill up and down my spine, 

And that's [F] all the proof I need [G/B],

cause she fills my [Am] heart she feels my soul [Em], 

she is the [F] half that makes me whole [G],

repeat chorus: 2x's

She'll al [Am] ways be [G], She'll al [Am] ways be [G], 

She'll al [Am] ways be, [F/G] an angel in my eyes [C] [F] [C]

This is one of my favorites!!! 

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