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Midnite Rodeo, Debbie Dont Do Dallas Tabs

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Artist/Band: Midnite Rodeo Tabs
Song: Debbie Dont Do Dallas Tab

"Debbie Don't Do Dallas"
by:Midnite Rodeo

Debbie Don't Do Dallas - John Hedrick/Kenny Coffey
on the album 'Saddle Up' by Midnite Rodeo.


    D                                  G
Debbies at the airport waiting on
   A              D
flight 109, She said the Lone Star
State Ain't big enough for what
        A            D
she had in mind
So shes headed for the bright lights
             A          Bm    D
of a new tinsel town, I just hope Vegas
can sastisfy her or Debbie won't hang

D           G                        A        D
Because Debbie don't do Dallas anymore,
G                               A      Bm
she's had all she can take, she can't take no
G                     D                        A
more, because Debbie don't do Dallas anymore

Lead Break-D-G-A-Bm

D                                    G           A
Well she's up in the air, looking down
                 D       D
at this big state, Shes gonna miss her
                        G   A
lone star beer, but Las Vegas will sure
be great
D                            G
Well you know the lights of the casino
A                                        Bm    D
can temped a hungry girls eyes, but it
beats what she left behind in her country

girl mind
Repeat Chorus:

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