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Micky and The Motorcars, Wasted Time Tabs

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Country Tabs > Micky and The Motorcars Tabs > Wasted Time

Artist/Band: Micky and The Motorcars Tabs
Song: Wasted Time Tab

         C                           D 
We spent more days fighting than we ever did loving 
C                  D      G 
We could never see eye to eye
   C                      D 
I worked and I slaved but I didnít save 
C          D    G 
You spent every dime 
C                               D 
Hell we could go out all day do whatever you want 
C               D 
You couldnít be satisfied 

G                  D 
Man I wish I could buy some time
           C           D      G 
Cause that girl wasted all of mine 

G                            C 
Hell I thought I was king and she was my queen 
She hated my friends hell, we never did anything 
G                    C             D 
Her friends are phony they talk a lot
   G                             C 
I come from home from work with nothing to do 
But sit around here fighting with you 
           G           C                 D 
Where you chew my ass, I kept it all inside 


G                            C 
I got so far in debt it took all my checks 
     D              G 
Till I could realize 
She wanted everything like that big diamond ring 
       D                    G 
And a couple of men on the side 


          G                              C 
She took all of my bad habits threw them out the door 
Luckily I told my friend next door 
G                  C                     D 
Now we sit around until our brains are fried 


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