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Micky and The Motorcars, Shaft Tabs

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Artist/Band: Micky and The Motorcars Tabs
Song: Shaft Tab

        D                 Em          A 
You can keep that diamond ring that I gave you
         D                    Em                    G     A
Keep the boat, the house, the clothes, the dog, the car
           Em             G             A
Everything that we bought from the very start
      G                      A            D
And I tell you what, you can even have my heart

              Em            G                A 
Cause I won't need it after all the hell you put me through
            D           Em               G      A 
Yeah, It'll be awhile before I can love again
        Em              G                  A
All the ripping and the tearing you did to my insides
           G               A             D 
Well, It's safe to say you took me for a ride

Bridge 1:
          Bm                                G
Well, Iím sure that you wonít come crawling back to me
    Bm                         G 
And sure that you wonít try to call
      Bm                            G
Donít send your little brother over to collect anything
              Em                 A              D
Cause thereís nothing here, you already have it all


Bridge 2:
             Em                            G
Well thereís one thing that I am dealiní besides the pain
         Em                A                      D
That you promised that Iíd never have to see you again


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