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Micky and The Motorcars, Pointless Love Tabs

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Artist/Band: Micky and The Motorcars Tabs
Song: Pointless Love Tab

Capo 2

G  D  Em  Cadd9 twice

G                   D
Well she said donít waste my time
Em            D              G       D                            Em    C
I only got a little left and I wanna spend it with someone thatís true
G          D                 Em                       D 
And youíre just a kid with a wanderiní eye, you wonít want any part of this
G          D                    Em  Cadd9
So you can go and I wonít blame you

C               G                  Em
Just donít come back to my heart tonight
              D             C            G
Cause you got drunk and you changed your mind
     G        D                    Cadd9
Itís easy for you but itís hard on me

Well baby Iím tired too
Because you donít want me unless itís only you
And I like to laugh to much beiní free, where I can do what I pleased
And I donít mind lettiní go because I donít want you to hurt no more
Andwhen Iím in your arms, Iím still outta reach


Well baby I canít hear you
Then you want me to be with you
C                                  D
Why canít you see itís a pointless love



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