Artist: Micky and The Motorcars | Song: Baby Tonight

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Micky and The Motorcars, Baby Tonight Tabs

Micky and The Motorcars Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Micky and The Motorcars Tabs
Song: Baby Tonight Tab

E                        A           C#m 
So much for clean sheets and a good week 
                E            A              C#m 
We’ve got these rosy cheeks, loving words to speak 

            G#m      A            E               B 
Baby, should I stick around would you paint this town 
         F#m                   A                 E 
With me tonight, I want you in my life, baby tonight 

E                    A               C#m 
We’ll blow our money on a good time 
                  E      A                      C#m 
When everything’s funny, they’re all good lines 
                E     A             C#m 
We’ll feast our eyes, on a full plate 
            E             A            C#m 
And use our credit cards, and the valet oh yeah 


A E B 
    They won’t understand us babe 
    They don’t really have to 
A                                                 B 
We know where we’re going, we know what we wanna do

            E          A                   C#m 
We’ll drink from paper cups only the best wine 
               E        A                  C#m 
And toast each Saturday to last a lifetime 
                E         A                 C#m 
We’ll drive all night, yeah ‘til it’s too late 
              E           A              C#m 
To charge our Texaco card with a full tank oh yeah 


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