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Jo Dee Messina, Lesson In Leavin Tabs

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Artist/Band: Messina Jo Dee Tabs
Song: Lesson In Leavin Tab

Here's a song that I noticed you had a couple of requests for.  It's "Lesson 
In Leavin'" by Jo Dee Messina. Actually, it's a remake of a Dottie West 
tune....good song!  As I hear it the tape is done in C and here are the 
chords and lyrics.  I'd appreciate any corrections or comments.  Thanks so 
much...still a "Great Site" and Enjoy!

Bill and Candy

Lesson In Leavin'          Jo Dee Messina          Done in C

[C]Somebody's gonna give you A lesson in leavin'

Somebody's gonna give you back, What you've been givin'

And I hope that [F]I'm around, To watch 'em [G]knock you down

It's [C]like you to love 'em and leave 'em;

Just like you loved me and left me

It's like you to do that [F]sort of thing, Over and [G]over again;

You're a fool-hearted [C]man


I [Am]hear you've been askin' about me [C]from some of my friends

Well, [Am]you'd better believe; I'm not goin' [C]through that again

You're the [Am]kind of man, A woman [G]thinks she can change

Oh, but the [F]only thing changin', Is [C]my way of thinkin'

And [Am]I'm thinkin' that maybe [G]someday


[C]Somebody's gonna give you A lesson in losin'

Somebody's gonna do to you, What you've been doin'

And I hope that [F]I'm around, To watch 'em [G]knock you down

[C]Somebody's gonna give you A lesson in hurtin'

Somebody's gonna leave you, With your fire burnin'

And no way to [F]put it out, Baby, there [G]ain't no doubt;

You're a fool-hearted [C]man

Sing Bridge Again
Sing I again 2x..Modulate to music (just drums)....
Resume music on "It's like you to love 'em....etc."
Oh, a fool-hearted man, Oh, whoa, Oh, a fool-hearted man

Submitted By:  Bill and Candy Husselman

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