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Artist/Band: Merrol Ray Tabs
Song: Dancin' Hard Tab

Merrol Ray- "Dancin' hard"

G                           C     Em7
i made alot of trouble when i was young
C                        D         G
momma didnt know all the things id done
G                            C         Em7
all the town folks said that boy hes a card
C                       D       G
but my momma knew i was dancin' hard

i built that ramp i let it fly
sometimes when i flew i thought id die
those crash and burns they left their scars
but it really dont matter when youre dancin' hard

D            C           G
dancin' hard stompin' my feet
D                 C         G
dancin' hard to a different drum
D                        C        Em7
goin through life like a shooting star
C                          D       G
everybody knows when youre dancin' hard

i made alot friends who were just like me
they didnt have a care they were wild and free
alot of those friends didnt make it this far
we laid in the ground they were dancin' hard


verse 1

C                           D       G
Everybody knows when you're dancin' hard X3

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