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Tim McGraw, When She Wakes Up Tabs

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Country Tabs > McGraw Tim Tabs > When She Wakes Up

Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: When She Wakes Up Tab

Subject:  When She Wakes Up (And Finds Me Gone)
Sung By:  Tim McGraw
Written By:
From:  All I Want
Transcribed by:  Amber Beach

Intro:  G   Em   C  D
Verse 1
With a [G]trembling pen in hand I [Em]try the best I can
To [C]write down all the reasons I cant [D]stay [D7]
I [G]hope she'll understand I can't [Em] leave her like a man
Cause a [C]man would never leave her this [D7]way

Verse 2 (same chord progression as verse 1)
A note of things I should have said lays beside her sleepin head
As I turn and make my way off in the night
By the time the mornin's breakin, my heart will still be achin'
Every time I think of what I've left behind  (pause)

Cause I don't [Em]wanna see me [Bm]leavin in her [C]eyes
And I can't [D]stand to watch her [C]watch me make her [G]cry [D]
And I don't [Em]know a right way [Bm]I can do her [C]wrong
So I don't wanna [Am7]be here in the mornin
[D]when she wakes [D7]up and finds me [G] gone  G   Em  C D-D7

Verse 3and 4 (same chord prog. as 1 and 2)
It hurts to know how much she'll hurt, I've told myself things could be
And I've convinced myself she's better off this way
By the time she finds I'm gone I'll be a long long way from home
When she reads the note of things I couldn't say

Chorus  then G   Em
Lord I don't wanna [Am7]be here in the mornin
[D]when she wakes [D7]up and finds me [G]gone
Outro:  G  Em  C  D  G

this is my second attempt at transcription, i'm still learning, so please
help with any corrections.
at the end of the second line of the first verse and others like that
line, you can also go from D to Dsus2 instead of D7, both sound ok, just
pick up your middle finger.  whatever works for you.

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