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Tim McGraw, Somebody Praying For Me Tabs

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Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: Somebody Praying For Me Tab

Title:  "Somebody Must Be Praying for Me" 
Album:  A Place in the Sun
Artist:  Tim McGraw

This album impresses me more and more, everytime I do another one of
these songs.  The songwriting on this album is AMAZING.  

This song is done in 'A' on the album.  There is a F#m in this song
and, I hate that chord, so I decided to play with a capo, which made it
a very easy song to play.  So that is how I am going to transcribe it.
The bridge I am a little weary of.  I don't know if it is exactly
right.  If you have any corrections be sure to let me know.  This is
pretty close though.

Capo 2nd fret

Intro:  G  C  G  C

She left Oklahoma for California 
Sunglasses on the brim of her hat
Smoke was pourin from that old Cadilac 
But she wasn't turning back
Em     D          G
Just outside of Flagstaff, 
Motor blew on her Coupe DeVille
Em       D       G
Just in time she saw a sign, 
         C                          D
There was a Texaco waiting at the bottom of the hill.

And she said

Chorus I

G                   C
Somebody must be prayin for me
G                           D
Somebody out there must be prayin for me
C                D
Must be angels, I can't see
Em                D          G
Somebody must be prayin for me

G C  Yeah  G  C

Verse 2

A boy about twenty climbed out of a truck
All covered in grease and dirt
She said hey charles, but he just laughed
And said I'm Wearing my daddy's shirt.
Em              D       G
He stood there lost in her eyes 
And she got lost in his
Em         D        G
As the years rolled by she would sigh
     C            D
Everytime they kissed.

Repeat Chorus I


Em                              C
Sometimes she stares out the window
Am                              D
And wonders about her Hollywood dreams
Em                            C
But when she tucks her kids in bed
Am                                 D
She softly whispers as they fall asleep

Chorus II (softly)

G                   C
Somebody must be prayin for me
G                              D
Somebody out there must be prayin for me
C                                      C
Ain't it funny how you always find, just what you need.
Em                D         G
Somebody must be prayin for me.

G                 D         G
Somebody must be prayin for me

Outro: Same as intro

(sing over outro)

Somebody must be prayin for me.

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