Artist: Tim McGraw | Song: Sleep Tonight

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Tim McGraw, Sleep Tonight Tabs

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Country Tabs > McGraw Tim Tabs > Sleep Tonight

Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: Sleep Tonight Tab

Intro:  B  E (x4)

B              D
Hey darkness, don't you try
    A                   E
To steal the moment or close my eyes
B        D      A   E     
I won't let you in
       B                   D
Cause this feels too damn good to me
A               E
All I want and all I need
B        D     A         F#        B
Is her touch again and again and again

I don't wanna go to sleep tonight
I don't want anything to change
G#m                        E                   
I don't wanna wake up and find a different day
Yeah she makes me free
F#                           G#m
Here between the day and the twilight
I don't want to go to sleep tonight

B  E

B              D
Time stop dead in your tracks
 A               E
Turn around and don't look back
B         D     A   E   
And just let us be
         B                  D
I wanna take this time and soak it up
A                    E
Forever wouldn't be long enough
B        D              A         F#        B
If you knew her you'd agree and agree with me


B  F#  G#m  E  (x2)

C#m                          E            B
I wish the sun would just forget, to come up
 E                               Eb
And leave us wrapped up in this love


Outro: B  F#  G#m  E

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