Artist: Tim McGraw | Song: I Do But I Don't

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Tim McGraw, I Do But I Don't Tabs

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Country Tabs > McGraw Tim Tabs > I Do But I Don't

Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: I Do But I Don't Tab

Capo 3 

Intro: G  C9 (x2)

     G                Bm7            Am
You always come back when I'm at my weakest
D                                G   Am7  D
When I'm fool enough to let you in
G                Bm7             Am   
Sayin' how this time around is different
D                         G    Am  D
Asking if I want to try again

   G         Bm7
I do, but I don't
   C             Am
I want to, but I won't
   D        D7
I am but I ain't
    C       C9      D
I could but I just can't
           G             Bm7
It feels right but it's wrong
     G        Am  G/B   C
And I've hurt way too long
             G      D   Em           C
So when you ask me if I know what I want
  G    D     G
I do, but I don't

(Repeat Intro)

G               Bm7            Am
What resistance I have left within me
    D                                     G   Am7  D
I lose each time you're holding me this close
      G            Bm7                   Am   
With every bitter sweet kiss, girl, you tempt me
D                            G   Am  D
Asking if I want to let you go


         G      D   Em           C
So don't ask me if I know what I want
         G     D(one strum)    
Cause I do
        G    C9  G  C9  G(one strum)
But I don't

Am  =   x02210
Am7 =   x02010
Bm7 =   x24232(bar chord) or xx4232
C   =   x32010
C9  =   x32030
D   =   xx0232
D7  =   xx0212
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003  
G/B =   x2003x

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