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Tim McGraw, For A Little While 2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: For A Little While 2 Tab

For a Little While
Written by Phil Vassar, Steve Mandile, and Jerry Vandiver
Recorded by Tim McGraw

Submitted by Keith Reding

Thanks for songiwriter Jerry Vandiver for providing corrections to my
earlier post!
This one is correct!


G  G/F |  C  D  |

Verse 1

G   G/F  C              D
Hot sun, dancin' on the river
G             G/F             C        D
we sit on the bank, watch the world go by
G               G/F        C                   D
our feet in the water, she pressed her lips to mine
G          G/F              C        D
we were so long on love and short on time

Em        C     D
she could be, a honeymoon suite and a little wild
Em      C      D
she was mine, oh for a little while and


G Am7   C/E                       D
I laugh evertime I start to think about us
G  Em        C             D
We sent that summer out in style and
G     Am7          C/E            D
she's gone but she left me with a smile
Bb  F/A C    C/D          G
she was mine for a little while

Verse 2

We'd take a ride, and head on down to airport road

put the seats back; watch the planes leave town

She always said "No body's strong enough to tie her down

oh but I wasn't looking for that, anyhow

I knew she'd leave but I didn't know when

it matters to me now, oh but it didn't back then and

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

I keep seeing pictures now of me and her and those summer nights

my mind fills with her, oh but it's allright cause

Repeat chorus


Bb  F/A  C
she was mine, yeah

C       D
she was mine, for a little while


G/F   XX3033
C     X32013
Em    022000
Am7   x02010
D     xx0232
Bb    x13331
F/A   x03211
C/E   032010

Note from Jerry Vandiver

The chart reads :

1 1/7b   4/3 5    1 1/7b    4 5

  "        "         "       "

6m  4     5         6m 4      5

1 2m7     4 5     1 6m     2m 1/3 4 5
  "              "      3b 7b/2 4 4/5

The verse being 12 measures, with split chords (1st and 3rd beats in each
measure.  The chorus being an unusual 7 measures with split chords on
measures 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.  Measures 4 and 7 show the chord changes with
each quarter note.

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