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Tim McGraw, Everywhere 2 Tabs

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Country Tabs > McGraw Tim Tabs > Everywhere 2

Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: Everywhere 2 Tab

song: everywhere
by: Tim McGraw
album: Everywhere
F/G-xx3213, G9-3xx2x3

intro: G9 F/G C

(G9)we were born in this little town, growin up I was
countin' down (F/G)every single day, till we made our 
(C)get away
(G9)but you said you could never see your self, tryin' to make
a life anywhere else, (F/G)this would be your home, and I__
was on my(C)own, (D)but ever since we said goodbye,
I've been(Am7)out here on the wind,(D)and baby you would 
be surprized at all the(Am7)places you have(D)been,


I've seen you in(G9)Albuquerque, waitin out a blizzard, 
(Em)Arizona dancin' on the desert,(C)watchin' the sun set in 
monteray,(D)girl I swear just the other day, you were
(G9)down in Georgia pickin down peaches, (Em)Carolina 
barefoot on the beaches(C)no matter where you choose to be
(D)in my heart I'll always see you,   
(G9)everywhere....F/G C 

(G9)Now a days when I'm passing thru, the conversation
always turns to you,(F/G)I hear your doing fine, livin' out 
by the county(C)line, (G9)got a man who's home every night,
couple of kids and the kind of life, (F/G)that you wanna lead,
guess you could say the same for(C)me, (D)but you and I made 
our choices(Am7)all those years ago, (D)still I know I'll hear your
voice (Am7)and see you down the (D)road, 


maybe in(G9)Oklahoma driving cross the prairie, (Em)dallas, Texas
isn't that where we,(C)always said we would like to try(D)but
never did so maybe that's why she's on(G9)every highway, 
just beyond the high beams(Em)right beside me in all my sweet
dreams(C)no matter where you choose to be(D)in my heart I'll
al--ways see__, you in

repeat CHORUS 1:

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