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Tim McGraw, Back When Tabs

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Country Tabs > McGraw Tim Tabs > Back When

Artist/Band: McGraw Tim Tabs
Song: Back When Tab

Intro:  G-D-Am-C

G                                  D
Don't you remember, the fizz in a pepper
Am                            G                 D
Peanuts in a bottle, at ten, two and four
G                                           D
A fried boloney sandwich, with mayo and tomato
Am                                     G                   D
Sittin' round the table, don't happen much anymore

                  Em                       Asus7
We got too complicated, it's all way over-rated
              C                                     D-G
I like the old and out-dated, way of life

                    D             D-Db-C
Back when a hoe was a hoe, a coke was a coke
       G                                                                              D
And crack's what you were doing, when you were cracking jokes
                    D                D-Db-C
Back when a screw was a screw, the wind was all that blew
       G                                                                                 D
And when you said I'm down with that, well it meant you had the flu
I miss back when
          G/B  C
I miss back when
                  G-D [2nd X: G-D-Am-G-D][3rd X: G-D-Am-C  over solo]
I miss back when

G                        D
I love my records, black, shiny vinyl 
Am                                             G                          D
Clicks and pops, and white noise, man they sounded fine, 
G                                            D
I had my favorite stations, the ones that played ‘em all, 

Am                                                   G                           D
Country, soul and rock-and-roll, what happened to those times?

                 Em                                               Asus7
I'm readin' Street Slang For Dummies, cause they put pop in my country
C                                              D                     G
I want more for my money, the way it was back then

Give me a flat top for strummin’
I want the whole world to be hummin’
C                                   D                     G
Just keep it coming, the way it was back then

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