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Mcgarrigles, My Town Tabs

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Artist/Band: Mcgarrigles Tabs
Song: My Town Tab

'My Town'

Written by Anna McGarrigle 9Bug Music)
Recorded by Kate and Anna McGarrigle on WEA CD HNCD

Capo 2 and play these chords.

A   ** D       E        A     ** bass run DEF#
When I awake I think of you
A   **      D                       E   
Who made my heart break and made me feel like a fool
    D                 C#m 
You led me on just to bring me down
And I felt so low
          E                  D  
So if the stars are bright tonight
         E      A
I'll get up and go.

Verse two - chords as above except for last line.

On my way I walked through the town
And stopped at your house but you weren't around
The lights were on to ward off thieves
While you stayed out all night
But it was you who stole my heart 
         E          E7     
When you hadn't any right

     A  Bm       E        A  
It's my town but I had to leave it
         Bm                         E
And head south where the climate is kind
         A    Bm         E           F#m
And if a time comes when I'm feelin' better
        D             E            A
I'll be back with the birds in the spring

Verse 3  chords as verse 2

Paid my fare and I took the train
I'd soon forget but now I felt the pain
Though I tried to think of better things
Lyin' in my berth
I pondered revenge
For what it was worth


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