Artist: Sean McConnell | Song: Maybe You Could Love Me

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Sean McConnell, Maybe You Could Love Me Tabs

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Country Tabs > McConnell Sean Tabs > Maybe You Could Love Me

Artist/Band: McConnell Sean Tabs
Song: Maybe You Could Love Me Tab

Capo 3

G           Cadd9
Baby I see
G           Cadd9
Baby I know
                       Em   D  Cadd9
No matter how hard you try
Cadd9               G     Cadd9
I'm just so hard to hold
And I Know You Could Fly
And Never Come Back Down
And I Know I'm To Blame
For Keeping You On The Ground

Cadd9 G           D            Em7
Maybe I'm Not The One That You Hoped For
C                G          D        
And You're Right Baby Maybe I'll Never Change
Cadd9     G           D            Em7  
And Maybe There's Not Much Here To Love
    Cadd9 G         D           Cadd9
But Maybe You Could Love Me Anyways

Well I've Got My Demons
Baby I Got My Pride
You Got Every Reason
To Leave Me Tonight

But Baby I Loved You
The Best That I Can
When You Might Not Be Treated
With All That I Am



Solo Part

Baby Love Me
Baby Love Me
Baby Love Me

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