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Artist/Band: Matt Powell Tabs
Song: Just Another Day Tab

Just Another Day 
By Matt Powell 
rmofle at

OK Ė This is a very simple song to play but if you want it to sound EXACTLY 
like the recording, you will need to tune down at least a full step, I believe. 
Then the two chords you would play are G and Em. This tab is to allow you play 
along with the CD and you will be in tune but it wonít be an exact sound (then 
low bass string sound you canít get).

F/E - XX2X11

Capo 1

Dm  F  Dm  F  Dm  F  Dm  F

           Dm              F
He used to be careless and free
           Dm             F
He used to be the king of kings
                 Dm                   F 
His grass turned blue, the sky turned green
           Dm                F 
And he got lost somewhere between

Dm                F   Dm                    F 
It's just another day, some time to sit and age
Dm                F   Dm         
It's just another day, they run together
     F             F/E      Dm    F  
Like tears and the ink on a page
Dm                F
It's just another day

She once was young and full of life
Next thing she knew she was a wife
And there was me God bless her soul
Now I've grown up and she's grown old


            Dm      Bb                   F
But I had a dream I met you at the Mardi Gras
             Dm               Bb                     F               
But you were wearin a mask, i wasn't certain who you were

Chorus 2:
Until you turned away
I swear I heard you say
It's just another day
And they run together like tears and the ink on a page... 

I saw my love one summer day
But her friends scared her away
They said that I would break her heart
And so we never got to start

Chorus 1 

Just another day
Just another day
And they run together
Just another day
Just another day

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