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, It Ain't Real If It Ain't You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Mark Gray Tabs
Song: It Ain't Real If It Ain't You Tab

It Ainít Real If It Ainít You
By Mark Gray
rmofle at

I almost called you last night, baby
    E                         A
But Iíd have only brought you down
A                         B
All this freedom makes me crazy
B                      E
Tryiní to find my way around

Now when the sun goes down youíll find me
          E                  A
Where the lights are shining bright
A                        B
Trying to drink away the heartaches
B                      E
With a new love in the night

B                             E
All these lights donít hold a candle
E                           A
They just burn the night in two
F#m                             B
And loveís the hardest thing to handle
B                               E
Cause it ainít real if it ainít you

Keyboard solo

Well tonight I thought I saw you
And I nearly lost my mind
Thinkin; how Iíd trade my whole world
Just to hold you one more time


Loveís the hardest thing to handle
Cause it ainít love if it ainít you

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