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Lonestar, Tequila Talkin Tabs

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Artist/Band: Lonestar Tabs
Song: Tequila Talkin Tab

Tequila Talkin' - Lonestar

A                   E                 A                   D
I caught about that conversation that I had with you last night

D                   F#m            E                 D         E
It must have been a combination of shooters and neon lights

A                   E                     A                   D
And I really didn't mean to say I've been losing it since you left

D                 F#m                     E                   D        E
Yeah I might have said the words but they came from somewhere else

        A               D       E       A                   D         E   
CHORUS: It was just the tequila talking when I told you I'm still not over you

A  A/G# F#m            E               D            E
        I get a little sentimental and I had one or two
        D                               E                          A        
        And that tear in my eye was the salt and the lime, not the memory of

        you walking

      A D                      A                    F#m        E        A  
        If I said I'm still in love with you it was just the tequila talking.

A                      E                  A                 D
I don't know what they put in Cuervo that makes me say such things

D         F#m              E                   D           E
Usually I wouldn't care so much or make such a scene

A                            E                         A
But seeing you there in that dress you're wearing just drove me right out of my


D                F#m             E                D        E
So don't hold me responsible for anything I might say.


Neat song and great fun to sing. I guess you're all familiar to the chords used
so I'm not gonna add much more. Please forgive any imperfections I might have
written down, especially in the lyrics (it's been a long time since I last 
listened to this song!). Remember to let me know if you have any comment or
                          Roberto Barbieri (

Please, support Lonestar.
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