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Lila McCann, Changing Faces Tabs

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Artist/Band: Lila McCann Tabs
Song: Changing Faces Tab

Changing Faces
by:   Lila McCann
Written by:   Lila McCann  and  Mark Spiro
Capo 2nd fret

Intro:   G    D    Am    C    D

G                   G/B                             C          D                
At first I didn't understand when she walked through the door
G                        G/B                   C                D           
You let go of my hand and then I knew there must be more
  Am                C                  D             Em
I tried to tell myself that you were only friends 
              C                           G/B
But your eyes betrayed the smile you gave 
          Am                            D 
And I knew right there and then

                C             D
You were changing faces
G                    G/B
Right before my eyes
C                       D
One for her and one for me
       G             Am
And then I realized
C              D
Changing faces
        G                    Em
That moment I was sure
    C                   D                G                  C               
I'd be changing places with her

G                      G/B           C            D     G
Please don't introduce me, don't be so polite
G                        G/B              C          D             G
Tomorrow I'll get over you, if I just get through tonight
Am                       C                    D                            
I don't think I can stand it while she's standing over there
         C                             G/B
If you just want someone on your arm
         Am                     D
Then she's the one to wear

Repeat Chorus

I think I'm gonna walk away
Head right for the door
Maybe I should stay and fight
But look what I'd be fighting for
I wanted so much more

Inst. Break           C     D     G     Em     C     D     G    Em

(Key Change:  up 1/2.  You could either move Capo up one fret or play in 
key of G#)

C#           Eb
Changing Faces
        G#                  Fm
That moment I was sure
          C#                          Eb
While you were changing faces
C#                    Eb               G#
I'd be changing places with her

C#             Eb
Changing faces
       G#                     Fm
The look that did you in
C#                     Eb 
One for her and one for me
G#                    Fm
Now I can't go back again
C#           Eb
Changing faces
        G                    Fm 
That moment I was sure
     C#                Eb
I'd be changing places with her

Changing faces
Right before my eyes
One for her and one for me
Neither on I recognized

Changing faces
That moment I was sure
I'd be changing places with her

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