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Rimes LeAnn, I Dare You Tabs

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Country Tabs > LeAnn Rimes Tabs > I Dare You

Artist/Band: LeAnn Rimes Tabs
Song: I Dare You Tab

Intro: G  D  G  D (etc...)

Verse 1:

God only knows how I've needed a friend

        Em              D            C
Who can see through the boldness and pride

Someone strong enough I can put my faith in

        Em        D        C
Someone willing to let me inside

        Em            D
So be a man and be my man


I dare you to need me

Like nobody else

I dare you to feel me

Like you've never felt

              C       D
I dare you to want to want

To wanna be good to me

Verse 2: 
Baby you've got your reasons
Dangling from kite strings
But you can open your hands, let them fly
Oh I know you wont always say and do the right things
Oh but some things are worth a try
So if you can, be my man

I dare you to know me
Like I've never known
I dare you to show me
That I can be shown
Dare you to want to want
To wanna be good to me


Tell me I,

Em                                      G G C G
  Tell me I'm the one who deserves you

  Oh and every time,  

Em                             D 
  Every time you know that you want to

I dare you

I dare you to hold me
Like you never will (again)
Kiss me and leave the world standing still
Dare you to want to want

Repeat First Chorus Until:

To wanna be good to me

            C       D
Dare you to want to want

                    G   D  (etc...) End on "D"
To wanna be good to me

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