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Rimes LeAnn, A Little More Time Tabs

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Artist/Band: LeAnn Rimes Tabs
Song: A Little More Time Tab

Capo 2nd fret

G Em G Em

I've been running so fast
       Em                      G
I didn't see the world pass me by
             Em                G
It just kept spinning on without me
                               Em                G
Monday turned to Friday like a blur, January was July
And I don't know why
Cadd9                  Em
Been popping pills and seeing shrinks
Cadd9                    D
Tellin' me all about my anxiety

        G                          Cadd9
And I just need some time to break away

From this state of mind
G                  Cadd9
I want to find a lighter side of me
Always trying to please
Everybody thinks I'm so strong
     G              Em
But sometimes I get weak
G                      Cadd9
They give me all their remidies
G                 Cadd9
When all I really need
Is a little more time for me

Finally going to open my eyes
The possibilities surround me
I want the love of my life
And all the things that money can't buy
Peace of mind
Life like this would be the sweetest dream
But right now it's not my reality


Cadd9   G
Time to breathe
Cadd9      G
Time to be me
Cadd9    G
Time to learn
Cadd9    G
Time to fall
Cadd9      Em               G---Cadd9
Time to save myself from it all

Chorus x2

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