Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: While You Sleep

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Tracy Lawrence, While You Sleep Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > While You Sleep

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: While You Sleep Tab

Title:  While You Sleep
Artist:  Tracy Lawrence
Song writers:  Boone/Nelson/Lawrence
Album:  The Best of Tracy Lawrence
Transcribed by:  Jeremy Powers

    E             Ab              C#m         E
1.  I don't say I love, you quite enough I know
                A                F#m        B
    Sometimes I go for days, I'm ashamed to say
    E                  Ab            C#m           E
    The world moves so fast, and the words come so
        A           B                 E  Ab
    And I let those excuses get in my way

    Ab            C#m        B          A
    But while you sleep sometimes I lie awake and watch

        E              C#m          A
    you breath, In the silence that surrounds the dead

       E      C#m                B                 
    of night, Bear my soul that all the words sound
    A                 E        F#m       A     B
    right, I pray the lord our hearts to keep, while 
    you sleep.

    E           Ab          C#m              E
2.  Day's march through our lives like a sad parade
        a                       F#m           B
    Our laughter and tears, our hopes and fears
        E      Ab                   C#m       E
    And I keep remembering things I forget to say
        a                  b               E
    And perhaps someday, I let you know my dear...that

(repeat chorus)

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