Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: Somebody Paints The Wall

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Tracy Lawrence, Somebody Paints The Wall Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > Somebody Paints The Wall

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: Somebody Paints The Wall Tab

into: D  G  D  A  D  G  D  A

If my old [D]truck was a horse I'd have to shoot it
Lord, the [G]day my ship came in, I was waiting for a [D]train
Every time I get a grip I always lose it
[E)I can't find the sunshine for the [A]rain
And you [G]know I'm always saying I'm [D]sorry
But you [G-Flat or F#)]stand by me through it [G]all
Seems [D]every time I make my mark [A]somebody paints the [D]wall

Every [A]time I think I'm off and running, I'm barely up to a [D]crawl
Every [A]time I get a leg up on the ladder of success I [D]slip and fall
Like last [G]week down at the factory I was up for a promotion
But the [D]boss's little brother got the [G]call
Seems [D]every time I make my mark [A]somebody paints the (D)wall 
                 (Repeat Chorus) 
(on your way the tag, go to (G)   

Repeat Chorus
 Tag: Seems [D]every time I make my mark [A]somebody always paints the [D]wall

Outro:   G  D  A  D

[Thanks to Jessie Nickes Jr. for tabs]

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