Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: Sawdust On Her Halo

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Tracy Lawrence, Sawdust On Her Halo Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > Sawdust On Her Halo

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: Sawdust On Her Halo Tab

Tracy Lawrence
2004, Dreamworks Records
April 7, 2004

--COLD START (no intro)--

(NC) Well, all week (G) long she loves to (G7) stay at home
And (C) hold me
She hangs her (G) buckle in a closet
Keeps her (A7) boots upon a (D) shelf
Heaven (G) knows the Good Lord sent me an (C) angel
But on (G) Saturday night
She likes to (D) raise a little (G) hell

 	 (NC) She likes kickin' up (G) (G) (G)
 	 A little (G7) sawdust (G/B) on her (C) halo 	 
 	 She'll (G) whirl and twirl and twist and turn
 	 While the (A7) jukebox twangs and (D7) moans
 	 When (G) she paints on them tight blue jeans
 	 (C) It bring out the (A7) devil in me
 	 She likes kickin' (G) up
 	 A little (D7) sawdust on her (G) halo

You can (G) find her in a choir loft, every (C) Sunday
Winking at (G) me, with two tired feet
Inside those high-heeled (D) shoes
Every (G) Saturday night, she'll dance til closing (C) time
And (G) she'll be there in the (D) morning for Sunday (G) school

Repeat Chorus Twice

 	 Kickin' (G) up
 	 A little (D7) sawdust on her (G) halo

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