Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: Renegades, Rebels, And Rogues

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Tracy Lawrence, Renegades, Rebels, And Rogues Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > Renegades, Rebels, And Rogues

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: Renegades, Rebels, And Rogues Tab

Tracy Lawrence 

Rebels, Renegades, and Rogues

They come from the wrong side of the track,
They're born just a breed apart,
Can't tie 'em up, can't keep 'em down,
D                             A
They're clingin' to some ole star
          D                    G
They'll chase that restless spirit
   D                      Bm
Wherever the four winds blow,
'Cause there's another dream just around the bend
       A                    D
For renegades, rebels and rogues

G             C         G            
Renegades, rebels and rogues
D               G        D
Eyes of fire, hearts of gold
They'll ramble till they drop, 
Gamble till the money runs out,
         D                 G
They'll take any wrong direction,
     D                  Bm 
It's in their blood to know
That all roads lead to another road
        A                   G     D
For renegades, rebels and rogues.

Daughters love 'em, daddies hate 'em, mamas don't understand,
Whenever life deals 'em down and dirty, they play 'em another hand,
Yeah, there's a place in Heaven
For those wild and kindred souls
But they'll be raisin' Hell till then,
Those renegades, rebels and rogues.

(Repeat chorus twice)  

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